There are currently 10 fast computers all connected to a 76mb internet connection with Internet Explorer ,Firefox ,Google Chrome and Safari web browsers.Other software includes Microsoft Office suite ,Open Office ,Works ,Messenger Live ,Skype ,Itunes and more.

Internet £1.00 per half hour


All printers are A4.One colour inkjet and one black and white laser printer.
Printing web pages                        £ .20
Printing pictures colour half page £ .50
Printing pictures colour full page  £ .80
Scanning per page                         £ .10
Blank CD-R/DVDR                          £1.00


We have CDRW/DVDR drives to burn your cds or dvds ,web cams for Skype ,memory card readers ,head sets ,online games and floppy drives ,yes floppy drives!


Monitor sizes range from 21in to 23 and 24in wide screen